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Can a verbally abusive co-worker ruin your health?

We all have encountered that one person who is just unbearable to work with. Whether they are rude, gossipy or mean, abusive co-workers can make you dread coming in to work. There is no argument that being in a toxic work environment can make North Carolina employees stressed and anxious. Working in these conditions may affect your health emotionally and physically.

As you may already know, many adults do not grow out of the high school bully mentality. What defines a verbally or emotionally abusive co-worker? The following points can shed some light on the common abusive situations you might encounter:

  • Rather than build up employees with positive reinforcement, your boss insults, demeans and even shouts at you and your co-workers.
  • A few people working in your office enjoy gossiping and spreading rumors about others.
  • Your co-worker is a bully and attempts to sabotage your work to make you look bad or to make himself or herself look better.

A guide to overexertion injuries at work

Working too hard may cause injuries. Physical overexertion at the workplace is a serious problem. Whether the nature of your work is intensely physical or you work long hours, you may be at risk of strains, sprains and musculoskeletal issues. 

Thankfully, most workplace overexertion injuries are preventable. If you want to reduce your risk of getting an injury while working, here is some important information about overexerting yourself. 

Does your job increase your risk of cancer?

Nowadays, virtually every job in America poses at least some degree of risk, but the precise risks and dangers you face at work will vary considerably based on your industry, role and so on. While you may not work in a field that places you at considerable risk for, say, a car accident or a ladder fall, a job that exposes you to certain cancer-causing substances or behaviors can be just as deadly.

Just what types of jobs enhance your risk of developing workplace cancer?

What are America’s most dangerous jobs?

Virtually every type of profession carries with it at least some degree of risk, but in some fields, those risks are far more prevalent than in others. If you work in particular industries, such as, say, trucking or construction, you may have a better idea about the types of on-the-job dangers you face than you might if you spend most of your time in an office setting.

Office workers, too, face unique workplace hazards, but those in office or administrative roles are not the employees facing the most substantial levels of risk.

The role of stress on teachers' health

Teachers play a crucial role in towns across North Carolina. Over 50,000 elementary school teachers are fully employed, and that does not even include teachers in high schools or teaching assistants. 

While many people strive to become teachers, it is no secret the job carries a lot of stress. For the most part, teachers need to fulfill the roles of a mentor, educator, babysitter and nurse all in one. A little stress is normal, but an excessive amount can result in negative health consequences for the teacher. Under some circumstances, teachers may be able to receive some workers' comp for health costs related to stress. 

Have you suffered Cumulative Trauma Disorder at work?

The term "Cumulative Trauma Disorder" may sound puzzling, but this is another name for a repetitive stress injury, which could affect many parts of your body, from neck to foot.

If you employ a repetitive motion in your line of work and are experiencing pain or discomfort, you may be dealing with CTD and could be a candidate for workers’ compensation.

Hearing loss is America’s most common workplace injury

If you are finding yourself asking your friends and family members to repeat themselves more often than you once did, you may be among a growing number of Americans suffering from work-related hearing loss. The problem is so widespread, in fact, that USA Today reports that it is the most common work-related injury affecting the nation’s workforce today, impacting more than 22 million people and costing employers roughly $242 million every year in workers’ compensation costs.

While many people assume that those who work in notoriously loud environments, such as construction sites or mining operations, face the highest degree of risk of suffering work-related hearing loss, this is not always the case.

Older workers die on the job more often than workers overall

Did you know older people face a higher workplace fatality rate even as the overall rate of workplace deaths are decreasing? It is a troubling statistic, but it is true. According to U.S. News, 35 percent of deadly workplace injuries involved workers who were 55 years or older in 2015. This alarming trend cannot be ignored, especially if you are an older worker yourself or are related to one. 

Understanding why older employees face a higher risk of fatal injuries on the job is the first step to prevention and taking action if such an accident occurs. Here is a look at the data and the most common deadly accidents: 

3 common restaurant injuries

If you work in the food service industry, you know it can be fast-paced and stressful. There are also several workplace hazards in environments such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars and fast food establishments. If your employer does not take the proper preventative measures, you could get into an accident and suffer injuries. 

You should know about common hazards facing food service workers so you can be aware and safe. Here are the top risks you face and how you can avoid injuries at work.

Types of injuries covered by workers' compensation in NC

Many times, people who get injured or sick at work are not sure whether or not they can get workers' compensation benefits. Understanding the requirements for coverage can help you evaluate your options.

The two broad categories of covered conditions include injury due to an accident or occupational disease. Either of those must occur while performing work duties in order to qualify for workers' compensation.

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