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1 dead after multiple motorcyclists hit by car

Many individuals throughout the state of North Carolina enjoy spending time on their motorcycles. The freedom many experience while riding them draws them to the mode of transportation. While sometimes they are used as a main mode of transportation, other times their use is more recreational.

Earlier this month a motorcycle accident turned a ride into a nightmare. Four motorcyclists, who were travelling together from Virginia to Florida, were struck by a car. The car, which was going the opposite direction in its own lane, entered the path of the motorcycles. Four individuals were hurt in the incident. Another person died.

Following the incident the individuals who were hurt were transported to an area hospital. The nature of their injuries is unclear.

Crash recreation teams were called to the scene of the accident to layout how the accident unfolded. According to criminal charges filed against the driver of the car, the woman was impaired in some way. Other unspecified charges are said to be pending.

It is possible that the woman will face more than just a criminal case. This is because the family of the person who died could file a wrongful death lawsuit seeking damages for the loss of their loved one. In addition, those who were injured, but survived the motorcycle accident, might file a personal injury lawsuit as well to try to recover compensation for the injuries they received.

The sudden loss of a loved one or dealing with recovering from serious injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be difficult to endure. While there is nothing that can be undone to do that harm, in some instances financial compensation could make it a bit easier.

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