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Animal and insect injuries suffered by workers

| Jun 4, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

During the summer, many North Carolina employees may be expected to work outdoors. There are certain hazards that are fairly common to those who do so, including heat stroke and dehydration. A risk that is often not discussed, however, is animal and insect injuries.

There are certain occupations where the risk from animal and insect injuries may be more likely. For example, those who work in areas that are known to be populated by wasps and other biting insects may be prone to these types of injuries. Because these injuries are foreseeable, they are almost always covered by workers’ compensation. This means that the treatment for diseases that may occur due to these bites, such as Lyme disease, anaphylactic shock and venom reactions, may also be covered.

There may also be cases where an award of damages may not be available for injuries caused by animals and insects. In general, these cases usually involve instances where it was not expected for the employee to suffer an injury. If a personal injury lawsuit is filed by the worker, the court must determine if the employer was negligent or otherwise responsible. For example, if the employer failed to take care of an infestation or failed to keep the workplace clean, the risks of injury may be increased.

Regardless of their occupation or workplace environment, those who are injured on the job may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can include the provision of necessary medical care as well as a percentage of wages lost during the recovery period. Many injured workers find that the assistance of an attorney who has experience with these matters is beneficial throughout the process.