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How employers try to control workers’ compensation costs

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

When a worker is injured on the job, their employer is usually concerned with how long it will take their employee to return to work. The loss of an employee and the management of a workers’ compensation claim can be significant expenses for an employer. Although an employer may want an injured worker to return to the job quickly, the worker may have severe injuries that need time to heal.

Many employers try to control the cost of workers’ compensation claims by directing injured employees to treat themselves rather than seek medical care. When an employee goes to the emergency room, costs can add up quickly even if the employee is sent home right after the visit.

Employers who are concerned about injured employees filing expensive workers’ compensation claims and taking a long time to return to work may attempt to monitor their employees after an accident. A worker’s Facebook page may be checked for posts about sports activities, and some employers may even set up surveillance cameras on public property to monitor workers. Another way that an employer can keep track of their employees’ activities after workplace accidents is by looking up applications for hunting licenses.

After a workplace accident, a lawyer may be able to advocate for an injured worker’s best interests. A lawyer may advise the employee about how to proceed with a workers’ compensation claim and how to communicate with their employer. If an employer calls an injured worker to ask for information about their recovery process, the worker may direct the employer to speak with the lawyer.