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Injured at work and want compensation? Avoid these 3 mistakes

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Workplace injuries are far too common. Whether you get hurt by an equipment failure, suffer a slip-and-fall accident or develop an illness due to an unhealthy work environment, you may wonder what you should do next. An occupational accident should not financially devastate you or cause you to have to sacrifice your career.

You may be able to win a workers’ compensation claim or lawsuit against your employer. However, you must be mindful to not make mistakes that could hurt your chances. Here are some examples of costly workers’ compensation mistakes:

1. Not reporting your injury right away

The first step you must take to get help with your injury is notifying your employer within the time limit. Most workplace injuries have a two-year period in which you can report them, but you should tell your employer about your accident as promptly as possible. If you inform your employer about your injury sooner rather than later, you will likely remember more about the accident and be able to collect viable evidence to bolster your claim.

2. Failing to obtain medical care

When you tell your employer about your injury, she or he may direct you to an on-site or recommended health care provider. If this is not the case, you may be able to go to an emergency room, urgent care or your family doctor. Make sure you seek medical assistance as soon as you can so you can get an accurate diagnosis.

3. Neglecting to gather witnesses

If you want to prove your workplace injury and get the compensation you need to recover, you need the strongest evidence possible. One of the best tools you can utilize is witness statements. Collect the names and contact information of anyone who can corroborate any aspect of your accident or the following events. When you have other people to substantiate your claim, you have a better shot at success.