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Most common restaurant worker injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Regardless of the industry in question, an injured worker needs to start the workers’ compensation claims process as soon as the injury becomes apparent. However, there are some occupations that are more hazardous than others. 

Restaurant workers, including waiters, servers, hosts and chefs, have numerous hazards in their line of work. The employer should go over all safety training before letting someone start working, but employees cannot prevent every incident. For example, a North Carolina man drove his SUV through a restaurant in September of 2018, injuring several people. Even the most careful individuals can still sustain injuries, so it is vital for restaurant workers to look out for the following. 

Slips and falls

Restaurants commonly have wet areas on the floors. Employees and customers can spill something, and someone needs to clean it up immediately. At the very least, the restaurant needs to put up a Wet Floor sign to alert others of the danger. The kitchen should have pads on the floor that reduce the chances of a slip and fall. 

Punctures, lacerations and cuts

Restaurant workers, particularly the chefs, frequently have to deal with sharp objects. The cooks need to use knives, peelers and an assortment of other devices to prepare meals. While they should have the training necessary to use these tools safely, accidents can happen. It is also possible the waiters will cut themselves on a utensil when they bus tables.

Scalds and burns

Fire is a regular feature of restaurants. No one should go into the kitchen who does not know about the dangers of an open flame. Additionally, waiters need to be careful when they pick up a potentially hot dish. The restaurant owner should take care to clean the filters and ventilation hoods regularly. Although precautions are vital, it is still important to know the workers’ comp process at an individual’s place of work, so he or she knows what action to take should an injury occur.