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Does your North Carolina neighbor have an aggressive dog?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Are you one of many North Carolina residents and people throughout the United States who consider themselves a lover of fur-babies? Perhaps, you have a beloved cat or dog, or maybe several of each. It’s a fact that pets can become like family members, and losing one can be a terribly sorrowful experience. Just because you love animals, however, doesn’t mean you think it’s okay for your neighbor or passer-by to let an aggressive dog run loose.

There are dog behavior analysts who spend much time studying and observing various breeds of dog. Their goal is to try to determine if some dog breeds tend to be more aggressive than others. If you own a dog, it’s up to you to keep others who come into the presence of your dog as safe as possible. Studies show there are, in fact, some breeds of dog that are more likely to bite than others.


Like people, no two dogs are the same


There is no foolproof way to know which dog might bite its owner or another person. There are no two dogs that are exactly the same. However, if you own a breed included on the following list, or someone in your community does, it warrants caution because these types of dogs tend to be more aggressive:

  • Size is irrelevant because some of the most aggressive types of dogs are small in stature. In fact, Chihuahuas are among the most aggressive breeds and they pale in comparison to the size of a German Shepherd or Doberman.
  • Shepherds and Dobermans, however, also rank high on most lists of dog breeds that are more dangerous than others.
  • Many children fondly recall the Dalmations in the popular Disney movie of the same name. You might be surprised to learn, however, that this breed is typically one of the most aggressive types of dogs there is.
  • If you often stroll past a house where there’s a Jack Russell Terrier or Siberian Husky, be alert and cautious at all times because these breeds of dog are known to be aggressive as well.

Rottweilers, Daschunds and Chows are also typically among the top 10 types of most aggressive dog breeds. There are laws in North Carolina and most other states regarding pets. More specifically, there are laws that state what a pet owner’s legal obligations are regarding the safety of others.

Dog bites can cause life-threatening injuries

If you’re a dog owner, you might already know that dogs show signs of aggression through certain behavior, such as snarling, growling, showing teeth or lunging. Even loud barking can be a sign of imminent attack. You’re not responsible for another person’s pet, however. Dog bites can cause severe injuries. Every bite poses a significant risk of infection.

Recovering from a dog bite may cause you physical and emotional distress. You might also be unprepared to meet the financial implications of the situation, such as medical bills that are piling up, cost of prescription medication, or over-the-counter ointments or pain relief. North Carolina law allows dog bite victims to seek restitution in court if a dog owner’s negligence caused an attack to occur.