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Concerning issues for North Carolina construction workers

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Uncategorized |

If you’re one of many North Carolina residents who work in the construction industry, you’re likely already aware that such jobs typically rank high on most lists regarding inherent danger risks. As a construction worker, you face many immediate and long-term on-the-job health risks on a regular basis.

Your employer is legally obligated to inform you of known dangers on a job site. Your employer must also provide proper training and available safety equipment to help keep your injury risk as low as possible. Being proactive is always a good idea when it comes to job safety. There are certain injuries that are most likely to occur on a construction site, and the more you learn about how to avoid them, the better.

Many construction-related injuries involve falls

Whether you’re climbing a ladder or walking on solid ground, a fall may result in a sprained ankle or something much more severe, such as a pulled back muscle or broken bone. Construction accidents involving falls are consistently the leading type of injury workers in this industry suffer every year.

Even if you think you’re okay after a fall, perhaps just limping a bit or feeling sore, it’s always best to report the incident to your employer as soon as possible because additional symptoms may arise sometime later.

Swinging or falling objects

There’s a good reason construction workers wear hard hats. If you’re working around a suspended load, it might break loose. If you’re walking on the ground, an object might fall from high above you. If you’re near a machine operator who doesn’t see you, a swinging mechanical arm or other accident may occur, causing you injury.

More on heavy machinery

Many construction-related injuries occur when a worker becomes caught or crushed by heavy equipment. The company you work for no doubt has strict rules about not leaving machinery unattended, as well as safety tips on how to avoid surprise start-ups or other accidents. Even the type of clothing you wear can help you improve job safety.

If an accident occurs on the job

In addition to reporting a workplace injury to your employer, a top priority after an on-the-job accident is to seek medical attention. Doing so initiates written documentation of the accident. Being able to show evidence of a doctor’s statement may also come in handy if you encounter challenges when filing a workers’ compensation claim as well.