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Suffer an injury while working from home?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

In the past year, more North Carolina residents than ever before have been working from home. As this has worked out so well for various employers and employees, many people may find they will continue doing so from here on out. Some individuals may want to know, though, what recourse they have if they end up suffering an injury while working from home? Are such injuries covered by workers’ compensation insurance? 

The good news 

The good news is, yes, injuries suffered while working from home should be covered by workers’ compensation. The type of injury is irrelevant. As long as there is sufficient evidence that it was indeed work-related or happened during working hours, one should receive coverage for ones losses.  

The bad news 

Workers’ compensation insurance providers and employers may try to deny these kinds of claims, saying it is impossible to prove injuries suffered at home are, in fact, work-related. Recently, a woman in another state shared her story of having her workers’ compensation claim denied after she suffered a major injury while taking a walk during one of her work breaks. After working in her home office for a while, she went on a walk around her neighborhood, fell and broke both arms. When she filed her claim, the state promptly denied it. She ultimately appealed the decision and won as she had extensive documentation from her employer encouraging employees to take walks during their break times.  

Fight for fair relief 

When it comes to work-related injuries, where they happen doesnt really matter. People who work from home have the same rights and protections as those who do not. North Carolina residents who have suffered an injury while working from home and find themselves struggling to have their losses covered by workers’ compensation may turn to legal counsel for assistance fighting for fair relief.