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The most common reasons people get hurt at work in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Too many North Carolina residents suffer work-related injuries every year. A recently published article covered the most common reasons people get hurt at work in this state. Here is what that article had to say.

Movement-related injuries

These types of injuries include overexertion, repetitive movement strains, tripping, falls and bodily reactions. A few examples of how such injuries occur include lifting items that are too heavy, slipping on a wet floor, tripping over misplaced equipment, falling off a ladder, performing the same action over and over again — among various other things. Movement-related injuries — regardless of how they occur, can have devastating effects and make it a struggle to get back to work or even enjoy life outside of work.

Falling objects

One might think only those who work in the construction industry might have to worry about falling objects, which they certainly, do, but they are not the only ones. Objects can fall in warehouse settings or even office settings, causing some real damage to anyone who gets hit. If an object strikes the head, it could even result in fatality.

Machinery and vehicular accidents

Machinery accidents often occur when the operator doesnt fully pay attention to the task at hand. However, they can also occur if the equipment malfunctions. Vehicular collisions can happen on the way to work or as part of ones shift if being in an automobile is part of ones job duties — such as a first responder, truck driver or courier, among other professions.

Workplace violence

This one seems to be happening more and more. People suffer injuries at the hands of angry co-workers. Many are also being hurt by upset consumers. No one should have to go to work afraid they will be a victim of violence in the workplace, but it is a reality these days.

Workers’ compensation

North Carolina residents who suffer injuries at work in one of the ways described above or any other way may be entitled to seek workers’ compensation for their losses. Achieving maximum relief may prove a challenge, however. Thankfully, one can seek the assistance of legal counsel to fight for fair compensation.