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Workplace accident claims life of man

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Struck-by accidents are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities in North Carolina and across the United States. Other causes include falling from heights and electrocution. So far this year, 21 fatal workplace accidents have occurred in the state. In March, a man was killed after being struck by a hammer on the job. 

Accident details 

An accident that initially occurred on March 3 has received a report update. On that day, a 45-year-old worker from Brunswick County was struck in the chin by a sledgehammer handle. He succumbed to his injuries in the hospital on March 10. 

Since then, the North Carolina Department of Labor has been investigating the accident to determine if conditions at the plant where the man worked contributed to his fatal injuries. His employer was Archer Daniels Midland, and the company could face considerable fines and other repercussions if found liable for the man’s death. The state’s DOL is also investigating several other fatal workplace accidents that have occurred this year. 

Survivor benefits 

The North Carolina workers’ compensation program provides death benefits to spouses and certain immediate family members upon the death of an employee who was killed on the job. The benefits can help with things like funeral costs, medical expenses, lost wages and more. In order to obtain the full amount of compensation available, a surviving family member of the deceased worker should seek assistance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.