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Vehicle-related construction accident proves fatal

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Work vehicles may be a constant fixture on many project sites and these vehicles may typically have lights and indicators to help others maintain awareness of their presence. However, should a worker in North Carolina fail to spot a vehicle that is backing up, the results could prove devastating, as similar incidents can carry severe or even fatal results. A man in another state was killed after he was hit by a vehicle during a recent construction accident. 

Construction accident 

Authorities advised that they responded to reports of an incident on a construction site at around 11:30 a.m. on a recent Monday. Initial investigations indicate that a worker was hit by a vehicle as the driver was attempting to back the vehicle up. Authorities have advised that they spoke to witnesses about the incident and say they were informed that he didn’t appear to be aware of the vehicle’s presence before it ran over him. 

Reports indicate that the man suffered blunt force injuries and died at the scene of the incident. Struck-by accidents remain a leading cause of injury and death in the construction industry and similar types of hazards may be preventable with the necessary safety precautions in place. Losing a loved one during a similar incident can be a harrowing experience and the fallout thereof may leave surviving loved ones facing numerous hardships in life. 

Addressing one’s options 

While the grieving process may ease with time, those who lose a loved one in a construction accident may also face monetary challenges that could place a significant strain on their lives. Individuals in North Carolina who experience such a loss might consider consulting with an experienced attorney for advice on their available options for financial aid. An attorney can help a client better understand all his or her available options and assist in creating a strategy with which to seek the full amount of compensation possible through every available source.