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Worker injured in electrocution-related construction accident

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Many construction workers may be no strangers to performing job-related tasks at heights, whether in using scaffolding or from within the bucket of a lift. While lifts can help workers in North Carolina carry out tasks at various heights, operating a lift can be somewhat hazardous at times, especially if there are any active power lines nearby. A worker in another state recently suffered serious injuries during a construction accident after a lift contacted nearby power cables. 

Lift-related incident 

Reports indicate that the incident occurred as a construction worker was performing job-related tasks using a scissor lift. For reasons unknown, officials say the lift suddenly contacted an active power line and caused a fire to break out. First responders say that it took nearly 20 minutes to put the fire out and they advised that the area experienced power outages as a result of the incident. 

Officials have advised that the man in the lift suffered serious electrocution injuries and they say he was transported to a nearby medical facility. where he remains in stable condition. The threat of shock and electrocution remains a prevalent concern in the construction industry. Those who suffer injuries during such incidents may face numerous challenges during the recovery process, physical and financial alike. 

Financial aid 

While injuries suffered in a construction accident may heal with time and treatment, the financial challenges such an incident can bring may prove difficult to manage. While those who suffer severe harm during job-related incidents may be eligible to seek financial aid via the workers’ compensation insurance system, they might need advice on how best to approach the process. By consulting with an attorney, a person in North Carolina may obtain much-needed assistance in preparing to take every possible measure to safeguard his or her financial future.