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1 killed after ditch collapsed during construction accident

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Many construction project tasks may require workers to perform objects within a trench or a ditch, and even if this is necessary, it may also be somewhat dangerous at times. Should the area become unstable and collapse, workers in North Carolina could be buried underneath in the process and similar incidents may carry severe or even fatal results. A recent construction accident involving a collapsed ditch has reportedly claimed the life of a 59-year-old man in another state. 

Fatal incident 

Reports indicate that the incident took place on a recent Thursday morning as the man was working to install a drainage system on a construction project site. He was performing tasks inside a ditch when for reasons unknown, the ditch suddenly collapsed. Emergency responders say that he was partially buried underneath the ground in the process and they advised that he was rushed to a hospital after being rescued from within the ditch. 

Unfortunately, reports indicate that he succumbed to his injuries and passed away soon after arriving at the facility. Authorities have advised that an investigation into the incident has been initiated, but no further information was provided as to why the ditch may have collapsed. While there might be various types of safety measures that could help protect against such collapses, similar incidents continue to affect the lives of far too many families. 

An untimely loss 

Those left mourning the loss of a loved one after a fatal construction accident may also face a variety of financial challenges that can accompany end-of-life expenses and loss of wages. While those who suffer such loss in a work-related incident may be eligible for aid via the workers’ compensation insurance system, they might need guidance in preparing for the process. By consulting with an attorney, a person in North Carolina could obtain much-needed assistance in evaluating his or her options and in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation available.