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Workplace Injuries Archives

Toxic work environments

Toxic workplaces in Fayetteville are more common than some people think. Many employers are making changes to their facilities to reduce workplace injuries, not realizing that there are just as many or even more toxic issues right under their noses. These problems can lead to workplace illnesses that may be covered under workers' compensation. As an employee, you have a right to work in a place that is free from health hazards. To protect yourself from these dangers, you should learn how to recognize them in your work environment.

The most dangerous jobs in America

American employers spend a staggering amount on workers' compensation costs each year to cover employees who are hurt, injured or otherwise incapacitated while on the job. While workers across virtually all industries assume some level of risk in the workplace, those in specific industries, and those who hold particular job titles within those industries, are far more likely to suffer a serious injury, illness or even death while working. Here is a look at some of today's most dangerous ways to make a living.

Workforce making extraordinary effort to restore North Carolina communities

For the people of North Carolina, getting knocked down is just another opportunity to get up and stand tall. Hurricane Matthew has damaged thousands of homes and business, created mass flooding and forced many of our families to evacuate their cities and towns.

How to prevent common workplace accidents and injuries

On a daily basis, many employees perform tasks and duties that put their well-being and health at risk. While many of us feel safe performing our jobs, it is important to realize that a workplace injury can occur at anytime and anywhere. Not only do workplace accidents result in discomfort and pain, but they can also cause financial instability. Without a doubt, the best way to deal with the issue of workplace accidents and injuries is prevention. Here is some information that will hopefully help you steer clear of these accidents and injuries.

Keeping clear of injuries at the North Carolina workplace

Each year, about 3 million workers are injured on the job around the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although the majority of these injuries are not considered serious, more than a third of them result in employees taking time off work while they recuperate. Employees may wish to be aware of potential workplace hazards and how they stay clear of them.

Data shows increase in fatal workplace accidents

North Carolina residents may or may not have known that April 28 was Workers' Memorial Day. On that day, people around the country remembered the lives of workers who have died on the job. While they are so doing, employers and employees alike can also work on preventing fatal workplace accidents by focusing on safety.

Emphasis on electrical safety

North Carolina residents depend on electricity in a variety of settings, but safety awareness is important. An electrical problem can lead to serious property damage at home or on the job. Unsafe handling of electrical equipment can pose a risk of serious injury or even death. The Electrical Safety Foundation International has dedicated the month of May to promoting safety awareness in a variety of environments, including the workplace.

Safety and subcontracting

With the growth of the communications industry, the need for towers and tower workers has become significant in North Carolina and across the nation. However, accidents involving work on these towers has also become a serious concern. Statistics for 2011 through 2015 indicate that 36 individuals have perished in connection with tower work. As OSHA seeks information related to improving safety on these sites, there are several issues that may need to be addressed to improve conditions.

Construction workplace traumatic brain injuries

It has long been known by safety experts and industry insiders that construction work in North Carolina and around the country carries some significant safety risks. Of the many different injury types potentially faced by construction workers, traumatic brain injuries may be some of the most devastating.

Sleep apnea could increase risk of workplace injuries

North Carolina residents and others who have sleep apnea could be at higher risk of injury on the job. Researchers in Canada came to this conclusion after studying sleep clinic patients. Sleep apnea causes a person's airway to collapse, which cuts off breathing momentarily. The sufferer may gasp for air, cough or snore in response. This can happen hundreds of times during the night, disrupting the sleep cycle and causing fatigue during the day.

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