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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

Compensation for chronic or pre-existing conditions

Being injured at work is scary, because it can immediately cause worry about whether you can still perform your job and what will happen to your future. This is an especially difficult situation if your injury is long-lasting or if you don't believe there is any help for you.

Top safety hazards facing warehouse workers

The work of the average warehouse employee involves inventory management, packaging orders, handling bulk materials, arranging transportation, and loading shipments onto trunks. Unfortunately, even though warehouse employees have a very important role in the overall economy, many still face serious risks and safety hazards at the workplace. Each year, many are injured and even killed on the job.

3 tips to avoid having a workers' compensation claim denied

Suffering an injury is never fun, but when the injury keeps you from being able to go to work or perform your full job duties, it can cause serious financial strain. This is where workers' compensation may be able to help. If you've been injured on the job and have already filed or are considering filing a workers' compensation claim, these three tips may increase your chances of success.

Stressful jobs can lead to serious health problems

If you work in a high-stress job, your health may be in danger. Although virtually all jobs can potentially cause high levels of stress, it is especially prevalent among law enforcement officers, firefighters, nurses, and even teachers. Over time, regular exposure to high levels of stress can cause hypertension (high blood pressure) and other health complications.

Steps to workplace safety

Many on-the-job accidents are avoidable, and employers in North Carolina can take steps to make their workplaces safer. This includes having equipment available to lift heavy loads and making sure that employees use safety equipment such as protection for their sight and hearing.

Staying safe in excavation sites

North Carolina construction workers whose jobs require them to work in a trench or an excavation site could face a variety of hazards. A lack of oxygen could lead to asphyxiation while inhaling toxic fumes could lead to illness. Without proper protection, workers may also be vulnerable to a cave-in. Therefore, it is important for employers to have a system in place that protects workers or reduces the odds that an accident may take place.

How employers try to control workers' compensation costs

When a worker is injured on the job, their employer is usually concerned with how long it will take their employee to return to work. The loss of an employee and the management of a workers' compensation claim can be significant expenses for an employer. Although an employer may want an injured worker to return to the job quickly, the worker may have severe injuries that need time to heal.

Can you be fired for filing a workers' compensation claim?

If you are injured on the job, you may be afraid to file a workers' compensation claim to recover benefits for the injury, fearing that you will lose your job. Although this is understandable, it an unacceptable excuse to not exercise your right to workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina.

Rise in aged workers may impact job safety

North Carolina and other states are experiencing surges in the number of older workers employed in many jobs, and this change will impact some aspects of occupational safety. Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections reveal that around 25 percent of all U.S. workers are projected to be no less than 55-years-old by the year 2022. Statisticians say that this is due to numerous factors, including the fact that baby boomers are staying in their jobs longer and that today's 401(k) retirement plans are more heavily impacted by market fluctuations.

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