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Injured By An Underinsured Driver

Coverage Is Available So You Don’t Get Hurt Twice

What would you do if you or your family were injured as a result of another party’s careless driving? You would file a claim for medical bills and suffering. But what if the person at fault did not carry enough insurance? If the other party has little or no insurance, it is up to you to protect your family. You do so by having uninsured or underinsured coverage on your own automobile policy.

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If you are injured by a negligent driver, his or her bodily injury coverage is available as compensation for damages caused. Many times, this coverage is insufficient to pay hospital and medical bills, reimbursement lost wages, or provide compensation for pain and suffering. Adequate underinsurance coverage may be the only thing to protect you from a huge financial loss.

Here is how it works. You are hit by a negligent driver with a $10,000 insurance policy and no assets. Your total damages are $50,000. If you have underinsured coverage, your own policy will pay you in addition to the negligent driver’s policy.

How much coverage is enough? It is difficult to say. You don’t know if you or your family members will ever be in an accident, the severity of the injuries or how much insurance the other driver will have.

What is appropriate for you depends upon many factors such as your other insurance protection and the value of your assets.