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Construction Site Injuries

If another subcontractor or the general contractor fails to follow safety procedures and you get hurt, you can seek compensation for your injuries. Parker & Frey PLLC is a North Carolina law firm dedicated to helping injured individuals like you obtain justice and fair compensation.

Our Dunn and Fayetteville construction site injury lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Falls from heights: Ladder falls, scaffolding falls, roof falls and other types of falls from heights are the leading causes of construction site accidents in the U.S. In one case we handled, the construction company failed to put a safety net up. Our client took a step backward and fell. He landed on his feet, but the impact crushed both ankles and resulted in chronic pain.
  • Falling objects: We recently represented a construction worker who suffered a closed head injury when a different subcontractor dropped a board from high above. Because our client was injured by a third party, we were able to handle his workers’ compensation case as well as his personal injury claim.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: Our attorneys represented a heavy equipment operator who was required to do the same things over and over, resulting in repetitive motion injuries to his shoulders.

What If You Can’t Return To Work At All?

If you are injured on the job, it may be impossible to return to the same line of work. If that particular job is all you’ve ever done and all you’re trained in, you may not be able to return to the workforce at all.

Parker & Frey PLLC can help you explore all available avenues for money and medical care, if you cannot return to work. Depending on your particular situation, we may be able to obtain benefits for you from Social Security, from Medicare or from other sources.

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