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Helping Family Members Recover For The Loss Of A Loved One

Dealing with the lengthy process of filing for workers’ compensation benefits after an on-the-job injury is difficult enough. However, for families that have lost a loved one because of an occupational illness or workplace accident, the process is a persistent and painful reminder of their loss. Although they can never fully replace what has been lost, workers’ compensation death benefits can help families by providing needed financial stability at a difficult time in life.

For over 25 years, the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Parker & Frey PLLC have provided dedicated and compassionate representation to families that have lost loved ones in fatal workplace accidents. Our attorneys can assist eligible beneficiaries in recovering the full range of workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to by law, allowing them to turn their attention to more important matters.

Who May Recover Benefits In North Carolina?

Under North Carolina workers’ compensation law, one of the challenging issues is determining who is eligible to receive death benefits. The rules governing this area of the law are complex and full of exceptions. In general, persons who are “wholly dependent” on the deceased’s earnings are entitled to equal shares of the death benefits. Generally, the law presumes that the decedent’s spouse and minor children are “wholly dependent.”

If the decedent did not have any relatives who were wholly dependent on his or her earnings, relatives who are partially dependent, such as immediate family or adult children, may make a claim for benefits. If no wholly or partial dependents exist, the decedent’s death benefits will generally be distributed according to the provisions of his or her estate plan.

Let Us Help You

In addition to recovering workers’ compensation death benefits, eligible family members may be entitled to obtain compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit, in certain cases when the decedent died as a result of a negligent act committed by a third party.

Since recovering death benefits can be a complex process, it is important to trust your claim to a lawyer with a long history of success. The experienced attorneys at Parker & Frey can give you the greatest chance of successfully recovering the benefits that you are entitled to under the law. Contact our offices in Dunn or Fayetteville at 910-591-2551 for a free consultation.