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Wage Loss Benefits

Parker & Frey PLLC helps clients throughout North Carolina to pursue wage loss benefits after workplace accidents. North Carolina uses what is known as an “average weekly wage” to calculate how much to pay you for your time off work. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Starting with the date of injury (or the date of diagnosis, for an occupational disease), you must count back 52 weeks and add up all the wages you earned during that period.
  2. The total amount of earnings is divided by 52, giving you the average weekly wage.
  3. Two-thirds of the average weekly wage is your compensation rate — the amount you will be paid each week while you are recovering from your injuries.

For employees who have not worked at the company very long, or for those who have taken a leave of absence, the average weekly wage is calculated differently.

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Disputes Over If Or When You Can Return To Work

Frequently, our attorneys are called on to handle return-to-work issues. These include disputes over whether an employee will ever be able to go back to work or not. Often, employers or their insurance companies want injured individuals to return to work too early. In some cases, this is so that they can find an excuse to fire the injured workers.

To avoid this, you need strong strategies and knowledgeable tactics. Our lawyers work hard to anticipate what the opposition will do. Certain insurance companies, employers, adjusters and defense attorneys have a record of acting in specific ways. We know this, and we can take action accordingly. Having a board-certified workers’ compensation specialist on our team is an added asset.

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