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Key aspects of North Carolina’s dog bite laws

| Sep 12, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Dogs are man’s best friend. However, when dogs attack, they can quickly become someone’s worst nightmare.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of a dog attack, you may be able to seek restitution. Before filing a claim, there are a few important things to understand.

The law

Ensuring the validity of a claim is the greatest aspect of determining the success of a dog bite case. According to the state’s dog laws, the incident must meet a few requirements for the dog owner to be liable, including:

  • Party being on the property lawfully
  • The dog injured the party or damaged his or her property
  • The dog is categorized as dangerous

The laws discuss these aspects in detail, so it may be helpful to review the laws in full.

Strict liability

Particularly regarding dog bite claims, most states follow either negligence or strict liability rules. In North Carolina, the court enforces strict liability rules. In other words, it does matter if the dog owner implemented safety measures or did not believe the dog to be dangerous, the owner is responsible for the dog’s actions. However, certain assertions must apply, such as not provoking the dog.

Filing a claim

For those who have a valid claim and decide to pursue a personal injury claim, it is important that they follow the process and substantiate their claims. Any medical documentation, witness statements and accident reports require presentation. Also, parties must file claims within the statute of limitations. For a dog bite claim in North Carolina, the statute is three years, which usually begins the date of the incident.

A successful dog bite claim can help address the physical and financial aspects of an injury. While this can be beneficial, it may be helpful to seek emotional support, as well.