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Safer warehouses mean fewer work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Men and women who work in certain types of physically demanding workplaces may be at a higher risk for injury. In jobs that require lifting, using heavy equipment, moving objects and other related tasks, such as warehouse jobs, it is more common to have a higher number of work-related injuries. Through certain steps and the proper implementation of certain safety tools, even North Carolina warehouses can be safer for all workers.

Technology is making every type of workplace better and more efficient, and this includes warehouses. The study of data can help employers and companies understand why accidents happen, how frequently they happen and what can be done to prevent them. Data can provide insight into how to create and enforce meaningful and effective safety regulations.

One example of how technology can make warehouses safer is by having employees wear sensors that can track movement. This is one way to get important safety data. Another way to improve safety in warehouses is to ensure they are clean and as sanitary as possible, lowering the risk of sickness, slip-and-fall accidents and more. Other technological advances, such as smart equipment, may also reduce the chance that an accident will happen.

In the event a North Carolina warehouse worker does suffer an injury in an accident, he or she is typically entitled to pursue financial support through a workers’ compensation claim. This insurance provides injured workers the opportunity to recoup expenses related to medical bills and lost wages. It may be helpful to have legal assistance when applying for these benefits and considering other possible legal options for financial relief.