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Nation’s heavy industries see many work-related accidents, deaths

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Companies that operate in heavy industries in North Carolina and elsewhere typically see a lot of work-related accidents. It’s not surprising considering the conditions workers must perform in sometimes along with the large industrial equipment they must use. Also, many companies produce heavy machinery that are used in other industries, such as earth movers.

Caterpillar and other companies

One of the most consistently cited companies for workplace-related safety and accidents is Caterpillar. The company makes bulldozers, front loaders and other earth moving machinery, and they have a foundry located in another state where they forge the components for the machines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined the company nearly $70,000 over the past five years, a relatively small amount considering the accidents in the company’s facilities.

The report mentions one accident in which a worker fell into a crucible that contained melted metal. Exactly how the man fell is still somewhat of a mystery, but when he landed in the mixture that was more than 2,600 degrees, he was obliterated almost instantly. Reportedly, officials spent hours at the scene at the Caterpillar foundry in Mapleton, Illinois. The report goes on the mention various other serious and fatal accidents that have occurred in industrial settings over the years, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims more than 4,700 workers suffered fatal work-related injuries in 2020.

Right to benefits

Regardless of the industry in which someone works, the employee most likely has the right to obtain workers’ compensation benefits after a debilitating injury. The program also offers survivors’ benefits to family members of workers killed on the job. Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be challenging, so it’s best to work with an experienced attorney in North Carolina or one’s state in which the accident occurred in order to successfully navigate the process.