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The importance of improving workplace ergonomics

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Workplace Injuries |

The topic of improving workplace safety may go beyond addressing the risks of one-time incidents such as those involving slips, trips and falls or falling objects. There are various types of safety risks that may place strain on one’s body over time and finding ways to protect against such issues could prove vital to promoting safety in any type of job setting. Knowing the importance of improving workplace ergonomics could be integral to staving off numerous types of workplace injuries and protecting the well-being of workers in North Carolina.

There may be numerous steps companies can take to help improve workplace ergonomics and some examples of safety risks such measures might help prevent could include:

  • Awkward positions: Improving workstation ergonomics could help limit or eliminate the time spent working in awkward positions, as such issues can place significant strain on a worker’s body.
  • Repetitive actions: Repetitive motions also remain a prevalent cause of injury in many work atmospheres and ergonomic improvements could help protect against such issues.
  • Poor lighting: Issues such as poor lighting can place significant strain on the eyes of workers and lead to issues with headaches. Effective ergonomic strategies may also help protect against such issues.

Promoting adequate breaks and protecting against factors such as poor air quality and noise levels may also be essential components to mitigating workplace injury risks.

Unfortunately, when companies fail to take measures to protect against similar workplace injury risks, the results could prove disastrous. Workers in North Carolina might not be aware of how much strain poor ergonomics could place on their bodies and when injury symptoms manifest, the fallout could prompt various challenges in life. Those who remain uncertain of how best to protect their interest as they approach the recovery process might choose to speak with an attorney for advice on their options and assistance in preparing to navigate the workers’ compensation insurance claims process.