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What may increase your risk of encountering workplace violence?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Workplace Injuries |

A workplace accident can occur under various scenarios, and the idea of suffering injuries during such an incident can be a scary thought. While adhering to safety techniques and knowing how to identify potential hazards could help reduce the risk of such an outcome, is this always enough to keep disaster at bay? 

Some workplace injuries could stem from incidents involving violent altercations, and incidents of this nature can carry dire repercussions. Knowing what factors might increase your risk of encountering workplace violence could be vital to taking steps to protect your well-being, but sometimes this could prove challenging.  

Potential risk factors 

An incident involving the presence of violence could occur in virtually any North Carolina workplace setting. However, studies indicate that there may be certain factors that could increase your risk of encountering similar hazards, such as: 

  • Time/location: Studies indicate that the hours you work and the location of your job may be vital factors. Incidents of violence may be more prevalent during nighttime hours or in isolated areas. 
  • Service industry: Workplace violence may also be more prevalent for those who work in the service industry, especially when involving establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to customers. 
  • Currency exchanges: The risk of encountering violence may also be higher in professions that require workers to frequently exchange currency with customers or deliver goods to customer residences. 
  • Healthcare industry: Those who work in the healthcare industry may also face a greater risk of encountering violence, regardless of whether they work in a medical facility or provide in-home care. 

It may also be helpful to note that acts of workplace violence do not always occur between employees and customers. Should an employee become angry and lash out at co-workers, the results could prove dire. 

Workplace violence incidents 

Workplace violence remains a concern in many fields, and a work-related incident involving similar concerns could pose a significant threat to your safety. Suffering severe injuries under such a scenario can be a devastating experience, and the fallout thereof could leave you facing numerous hardships in life. Following such an incident, it might be helpful to consider seeking insight in thoroughly evaluating your situation and options. This could be essential to helping you prepare to take the proper steps to safeguard your financial interests during the recovery process.