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Reducing the risks of struck-by incidents in construction

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

There are several types of safety hazards that continue to be leading causes of injuries in the construction industry. Struck-by incidents can occur at any moment on a project site and the outcome of such workplace accidents could take a dire toll on one’s life. Knowing some prevalent causes of struck-by incidents could help workers in North Carolina prepare to take steps to mitigate the risks involved, but it might not always be possible to prevent the unimaginable. 

Struck-by incidents 

Struck-by accidents are types of incidents in which a worker is hit and injured by a piece of equipment or object on a job site. Falling objects remain a leading cause of struck-by injuries in this profession.  Such incidents can also involve heavy equipment such as construction vehicles. Even an incident involving a wall or structural collapse could constitute a struck-by incident, as the impact thereof could pose a dire threat to a worker’s health. 

Those who wish to reduce their risks of encountering similar safety hazards may find it helpful to know what to watch for on project sites. Knowing how to spot a potential falling object hazard could be a vital step toward staving off a devastating outcome. Similar types of hazards could include anything from lose objects that lie near surface edges to imbalanced loads. Maintaining constant awareness of heavy-duty machines and equipment on a job site may also be imperative.  

A long road to recovery 

Unfortunately, workplace accidents involving struck-by injuries continue to occur at an alarming rate. Such incidents can leave a worker with severe injuries and facing a long road to recovery. Individuals in North Carolina who have questions about how to protect their financial futures during recovery might consider retaining the services of an experienced attorney for assistance in preparing to navigate every step of the workers’ compensation insurance system process.