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Falling objects remain a leading cause of workplace injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Workplace Injuries |

There are certain types of safety concerns that could exist in all types of work settings. Falling objects remain a leading cause of work-related injuries, and you may be at risk of encountering similar issues regardless of whether you work in fields such as construction or spend most of your day behind a desk in an office in North Carolina.

Incidents involving falling objects can pose a significant threat to your safety, potentially leading to health concerns ranging from head injuries to crush injuries. Understanding the risks involved and what steps you can take to help reduce the chance of such incidents could be vital to cultivating a safer work atmosphere.

Falling object prevention measures

Any type of object that falls from heights and hits a worker below could prompt devastating health repercussions. Some examples of steps you can take to help protect against similar injuries may include:

  • Take care with edges: Taking care when placing objects near edges can be vital, as items that rest near edges may be at greater risk of falling and endangering the safety of others nearby.
  • Use barriers: If it isn’t possible to avoid placing objects near surface edges, using barriers and guardrails to secure objects may also prove a vital component to promoting job site safety.
  • Wear the proper gear: Wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment can also be vital to cultivating safety, as this gear may help shield you from harm should an incident occur.
  • Marking hazardous areas: Using signs to clearly mark hazardous areas can also be an integral aspect of reducing workplace incident risks. Walking through job sites to identify potential hazards could be vital to preparing to take such measures.

Even if you take steps to promote safety and reduce falling object hazards, this might not always be enough to keep such issues at bay, and incidents involving similar safety concerns could carry disastrous results.

Accidents involving falling objects

Regardless of how it happens, a workplace incident involving falling objects can place your well-being at significant risk. The outcome of the incident could leave you with severe injuries and disrupt your ability to carry out job-related tasks. The financial challenges that may arise during the recovery process can also place a strain on your life. When facing such hardships, it could be in your best interests to seek guidance on all your available options for compensation and in preparing to take the proper steps to protect your future.