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Scar tissue may promote nerve regrowth

A serious accident can leave a North Carolina resident dealing with long-term motor losses because of a spinal cord injury. However, a study conducted by UCLA researchers may aid in developing strategies for promoting regrowth that could help such injuries to heal more effectively in the future. Conventional thought has previously suggested that scar tissue would hinder the regrowth of nerve cells, but this may be incorrect.

Human Clinical Trial test for spinal research approved by FDA

Spinal cord injuries affect many people throughout the nation. In fact, according to one statistic, every 48 minutes someone is left paralyzed. These injuries occur in a variety of types of accidents including motor vehicle accidents and sports accidents. Because these injuries can strike someone down when he or she is in the prime of their life, it can be extremely difficult to come to terms with. It is that much harder when it occurs as a result of someone else's negligent actions. 

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