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Closed Head Injury

Closed head injury occurs when impact to the head from an outside force does not penetrate the skull, such as a bullet, or result in other forms of localized injury. Injuries can be caused by the head striking the windshield or dashboard during a car accident, direct impact from falls or other blunt head trauma.

At Parker & Frey PLLC, we have been helping closed head injury victims throughout North Carolina for nearly 30 years. Our attorneys can assist with legal claims to cover medical expenses and other damages related to the following:

  • Primary brain damage (immediately present)
    • Skull fractures
    • Contusions — bruises at the place of impact
    • Blood clots (hematomas) in the brain or between the brain and skull
    • Lacerations or tears in the blood vessels of the brain
    • Nerve damage
  • Secondary brain damage (evolves over time)
    • Edema (brain swelling)
    • Intracranial pressure — increasing pressure inside the skull
    • Intracranial infection
    • Epilepsy
    • Hematoma
    • Anemia
    • Irregular blood pressure
    • Fever
    • Cardiac or lung changes
    • Carbon dioxide levels — too high or too low
    • Abnormal coagulation of the blood

Dedicated Legal Representation At Every Step

Our lawyers have the experience, dedication and skill to handle every aspect of your closed brain injury claim, allowing you and your family to focus on medical care. Our goal is to work to obtain the financial recovery you need and deserve, and we will be strong advocates for you throughout the claims process.

Contact our law firm at 910-591-2551 or by email to schedule your free, no-obligation initial consultation. We are able to assist clients throughout the state from our office locations in Dunn and Fayetteville.