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Helping Workers Recover Full Benefits Despite Pre-Existing Injuries

It is an unfortunate fact that many claims for workers’ compensation benefits are wrongfully denied by employers and insurers, simply because of the presence of previous injuries in the employee’s medical history. However, under the workers’ compensation laws in North Carolina, you are entitled to recover workers’ compensation benefits, if a workplace accident aggravated an old injury.

At Parker & Frey PLLC, we are familiar with the difficulties you may face in recovering needed workers’ compensation benefits with a pre-existing injury. If your workers’ compensation claim was denied because of a pre-existing condition or old injury, contact our attorneys in Dunn and Fayetteville for a free consultation.

Pre-Existing Injuries

Under North Carolina law, if your day-to-day job duties aggravated an old injury, such as a bad back, arthritic knee, shoulder injury or other medical condition, you cannot be denied full workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, you are entitled to benefits even if the workplace accident you were involved in would not have been disabling to someone else who did not have your pre-existing injury.

In order to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim, you must timely notify your employer of your injury and seek medical treatment. Unfortunately, some employers or their insurers may try to convince you that your pre-existing condition is not covered or take other actions to dissuade you from seeking benefits.

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At Parker & Frey PLLC, we have successfully helped thousands of people with pre-existing injuries obtain the full workers’ compensation benefits they are entitled to by law. Contact our experienced lawyers in Dunn or Fayetteville at 910-591-2551, or by email, for a free, no-obligation consultation.