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Don’t Just Plead Guilty To A Traffic Ticket

Get In Touch With Our Lawyers Instead

Just a single traffic conviction may result in the revocation of your driver’s license and a substantial increase in insurance premiums. Because of this heavy burden, your decision to resolve a traffic case should be an informed one. An experienced attorney can outline the probabilities of a good result and the cost-effectiveness of the effort to obtain that result.

Consider Parker & Frey PLLC. We have offices in Fayetteville and Dunn; we can help you fight your North Carolina speeding ticket. You can reach us at 910-591-2551.

When faced with a traffic citation, our first concern is to alleviate its potential effect on your driver’s license. Most drivers in North Carolina are on a 12-point system: this means that if you accumulate more than 12 points in three years, your license will be revoked. Points assigned for violations include the following:

Passing stopped school bus
Illegal passing
Reckless driving
Speeding in excess of 55
Following too close
No driver’s license
Not stopping at a stop sign
Running a red light
Speeding in a school zone
All other moving violations

You may face instant revocation of your driver’s license if you are convicted of any of the following:

  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 15 miles per hour, if you were driving at a speed in excess of 55 miles per hour at the time of the offense
  • Driving at a speed in excess of 80 miles per hour at the time of the offense
  • Two convictions of reckless driving committed within 12 months
  • Driving while impaired

Saving your license can be accomplished most often through reduction of the charge. Several factors affect a prosecutor’s decision to reduce a charge to a level where your license will not be in jeopardy:

  • Severity of the offense
  • Your prior driving record
  • Your attitude toward the officer
  • Any speedometer error reflected by a speedometer test

If the prosecutor decides not to reduce the charged speed, he or she might permit a plea to an alternate charge that would not jeopardize your license. Of course, you can also avoid instant revocation of your license if you are found not guilty of the charges.

Keeping Your License Begins By Calling Us

At Parker & Frey PLLC, we understand how important your driver’s license is to your daily life. To learn how we can obtain the best possible outcome for you in a free consultation, contact us at 910-591-2551 or by email.