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Claims Filed Late

Even If Your Claim Is Late, You May Still Have Options

After a workplace injury, employees have 30 days to provide a written notice to their employer regarding their intention to file a claim. It is possible to file a workers’ compensation claim late under special circumstances. In most situations, however, you still must give written notice to the Industrial Commission (IC) within two years.

With locations in Fayetteville and Dunn, we at Parker & Frey PLLC, we have been providing comprehensive workers’ compensation representation to clients throughout North Carolina since 1986. Our legal team has the experience needed to handle even the most complex issues, including claims filed late with the IC.

Advocating For Your Right To Compensation

Not filing forms out on time and not giving proper notices can be detrimental to your case and affect your credibility. It can be easy for your employer and the IC to quickly dismiss your claim — after all, if you were really hurt, wouldn’t you file a claim on time?

Our attorneys understand that a late claim does not necessarily indicate an invalid claim. We understand that life circumstances can get in the way of providing proper notice. As veterans in workers’ compensation law, we know that a late claim can be processed by the IC if:

  • An employer has been prejudiced regarding the case
  • A reasonable excuse exists for failure to provide notice

Our lawyers are strong advocates who thoroughly and painstakingly prepare claims on behalf of our clients. We will pursue every avenue in order to obtain any financial recovery and medical treatment you deserve.

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